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These tests were done with the help of Chris from Swap My Tank on 02-13-2013. These were all done with a DM7 and a variety of tank regulators. Of note is one of the Pure Energy regs was most likely a lemon, we tested another and it did not show such strong dips. Some things you can do, you can drag over an area to zoom into that section. Also in the lower left hand corner you will see a box with a number in it, this is the rolling average, so 1000 gives you smooth lines, 1 means no averaging is done. I suggest you try both Thank you, Matt D

SMT DM7 Crossfire LP


SMT DM7 DXS Full Auto

SMT DM7 CRossfire LP 2800

SMT DM7 Myth Newer 4K

SMT DM7 Pro Ninja SHP 4k

SMT DM7 Ninja Pro 4k

SMT DM7 Non Pro Ninja Ultralight 4k

SMT DM7 New Pure Energy KEE 3,5k

SWT DM7 Nitroduck IReg 4k

SMT DM7 Old Ninja 3k

SMT DM7 Nitroduck Ireg 3.5k

SMT DM7 Pure Energy Kee 3K


SMT DM7 Crossfire 1.5k